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Benefits of Cremation and Burial At Sea vs a Land Funeral and Burial Plot

Having a loved one pass away is a difficult time for family, relatives and friends. No matter in which part of the world you are, you will use and witness different methods for the disposal of the dead body, along with a funeral ceremony to honor and dignify the life and soul of the deceased person. Based on your religious beliefs and preferences, you may want to arrange either a burial at sea or go for a land burial and funeral for the departed loved one. Burial at sea and scattering ashes at sea have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years.

While you definitely understand the general difference between a full body sea burial and a land burial, do you also know the benefits that the former has to offer over the latter. In this article we will discuss the benefits of at sea burial or ocean burial and many other things for your knowledge.

What is Burial at Sea?

A sea or ocean burial refers to the committing of human remains in the ocean. This means the ocean becomes the final resting place of the deceased loved one. In previous times, the privilege of sea burials was available only to members of the Royal Navy. Today, anyone can be buried at sea, provided all the essential criteria for the same are fulfilled in a proper manner.

There are two ways of conducting a sea burial: full body burial at sea and scattering ashes at sea. Whichever option you want to use, the grieving family and friends of the deceased loved one can plan to hold a sea funeral ceremony either at the shore or in the ocean. Based on your specific needs, you can also go for an attended funeral ceremony or an unattended one. There are several funeral companies that assist with the entire process of sea burial, right from providing the biodegradable coffin and other products and materials to boat hire for scattering ashes or committing the dead body of the deceased person to the ocean. Most of all, they help the grieving family with getting all the necessary permissions.

If you wish to plan a burial at sea ceremony or release ashes into the ocean, you should get in touch with Burial at Sea, which specializes in the planning and arranging sea funeral and casket burial at sea off the coast of Long Beach, San Pedro, Los Angeles, Redondo Beach and Catalina Island.

What is Land Burial?

This is the oldest and most common type of burial. As you already know, a land burial refers to burying the dead body into the ground. Humans have been burying their departed loved ones in land since time immemorial. Sometimes, the body of the deceased person is buried along with certain objects, as per the customs and norms of different religions and cultures.

Usually, land burials occur in a cemetery or churchyard. Many families also opt for burial on private land or buy a burial plot in a cemetery. However, a burial plot is not actually sold, but it is leased for a time period.

Burial on Private Land: Most land burials take place in a cemetery. But some people choose to bury their deceased loved ones on private lands such as farmland or private gardens. This requires following a number of steps including land ownership, certificate of disposal, compliance with the regulations of the Environment Agency, and taking the social implications into account.

Buying a Burial Plot: It refers to getting a burial plot on lease for a period ranging from 50 to 100 years. Burial plots can be used to bury a single deceased person or multiple deceased persons. Until the period of lease finishes, no one else can be buried in that particular burial plot.

The cost of a land funeral varies depending on exactly what type of land burial you go for. For example, buying a burial plot will cost a lot more than general land burial carried out in a cemetery or churchyard.

Benefits of Sea Burials

Whole body burial at sea and cremations at sea are not a new practices anymore. A lot of families plan and arrange sea funerals for their loved ones. This is because of the multiple benefits that cremations and burial at sea have to offer. Let us look at the benefits of sea burials as compared to land burials so that you can make the best decision for the burial of your loved ones.


When comparing a burial at sea with a land burial, one of the key benefits that the former has to offer is cost. Land burials cost a lot more than a sea funeral or spreading ashes at sea.

Based on whether it is an immediate land burial, a cremation memorial or a full service, the total expenses can go up to several thousands of dollars. An ocean burial, whether attended by people or unattended, costs much less. According to a report, the cost of a traditional land funeral in the United States is $7,000. The expenses can easily go up based on your specific requirements, particularly when you want a burial on private land or plan to buy a burial plot.

On the other hand, burial at sea can be planned and arranged for a much lower cost. You can get a direct cremation or a sea burial conducted at just $495. However, you should collect all the details of the funeral before you decide to get it arranged by a funeral company. If it is an unattended ash burial, you should expect to get it done for $300 or less. There are many funeral companies that plan and arrange ashes burial at sea and whole body burial at sea. The exact cost of the funeral will depend on what kind of services you plan to include. The permit for water burials or casket burials at sea will cost around $70. So, you can either get it yourself from the local EPA office or ask the planner to get it for you.

If you plan to conduct an open sea burial off the Southern California coast, you should get in touch with Burial at Sea for consultation and a free quote for casket burial at sea or scattering ashes at sea. In addition to sea burial service, the company offers additional services such as biodegradable coffins, wreaths and flowers, and a number of other materials for the ceremony.


service for burial at sea

Compared to a land funeral and burial plot, the process of planning a cremation and burial at sea is simpler. Just buying land for a funeral is complex and painstaking. There are a host of protocols that you must follow in order to get the land and ensure a hassle-free land funeral.

Traditional funerals and land burials require intensive planning, based on which location you want the deceased loved one to be buried in. However, a sea funeral does not require extensive planning. In a sea burial, you will not come across major obstacles like it happens with a land funeral. In fact, if you have a funeral planning expert by your side, you will be able to make the entire planning a lot easier as well as better organized while also saving a lot of time.

In a nutshell, opting for a sea burial service will reduce stress and give you peace of mind at a time when you need it most.


Cremations at sea do not need to be carried out immediately. Since there is nobody, you can plan an ocean funeral ceremony without any hassle. As per your specific needs, you can either conduct the cremation right away or many months or even years after the death of your loved one.

Environmentally Friendly

If you compare a cremation or burial at sea with a land funeral, you will find the former to be far more environmentally friendly.

Not just environmentally friendly, but burials at sea provide an excellent way to do some land saving. When you choose to bury your deceased loved one in the ocean, the chances of environmental pollution are very low. The EPA has set forth a number of maritime laws and regulations in order to protect the ocean environment and marine life. A sea burial service planner will explain every detail of the process as well as make you aware of all the essential regulatory guidelines for a well-organized and hassle-free sea burial or ash scattering ceremony.

Right from the sea burial coffin to all the floral products, every item and object released into the ocean will be biodegradable. Burial at Sea in San Pedro, CA, provides the entire range of such funeral products.

When you are grieving the passing away of a loved one, you are already in a great deal of stress. By seeking the help of an expert, you will find it easier to plan a casket burial at sea or throwing ashes in the ocean while saving yourself a lot of time. To find out how exactly you can lower the cost of the burial as well as anxiety surrounding the burial, talk to one of our funeral specialists.

Who Can be Buried at Sea?

Most families that think of planning a sea burial have doubts as to whether or not they can give their loved one a burial at sea in a memorable manner. Sea or ocean burials are very common and popular with people who have a connection to marine life or have served in the United States Navy.

However, sea burials are not restricted to a certain group of people or servicemen. Today, anyone can choose to bury their departed ones in the ocean. As per your specific preferences, you can either go for scattering ashes in the ocean or carry out a whole body burial at sea. It is just that you need to know the process and follow the maritime laws in a proper manner. If you plan to make the final voyage of your loved ones dignified and memorable, you will definitely want to plan and arrange their burial and funeral in the open waters.

Burial at Sea is a highly trusted funeral company that organizes full-body sea burials and ash dispersing at sea off the coast of San Pedro, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, and Catalina Island.

Talk to a Sea Funeral Specialist

If you still have a question or want to plan an ocean burial for your deceased loved one, reach out to one of our specialists in San Pedro, CA. Our sea burial services include full body ocean burial, casket burial at sea, deep sea burial, ash spreading, boat hire for scattering ashes, at sea burial ceremony, etc.

We plan and organize both attended and unattended sea funerals off the Southern California coast. For your free consultation, you should call our office phone number or write us an email using the contact form.

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